Back to the History, Hellfire Pass the 2nd World War

One of the city includes in our tour program, the city that I have been here again and again…..why?

Some of history is not for sad but for think, why it happen and what should we do in the same situation?.

Kanchanaburi is a town in west Thailand. It’s known for the Death Railway, built during WWII. The line crosses over the River Khwae Yai via the Death Railway Bridge. Many War Museum honor the prisoners of war who died building the bridge. The Thailand–Burma Railway Center  explores the wider history of the railway. Nearby, thousands of Allied soldiers are buried at the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.


One of the Museum that the people known as the Museum of  “Chong Khao Kad”, it is a part of the Death Railway that was built cruelly by prisoners of war during World War II. Hellfire or Chong Khao Kad is a spot where the railway needed to cut through the mountain, which was really impossible but the POWs and labors were forced to use hand drills, picks, and shovels to carve the rock so that a train could pass. The 500-meter-long pass was incredibly completed in six months in 1943, with many lives were sacrificed. The pass is no longer in use and it becomes the museum to exhibit related tools and photographs about the historical event to remind people of the importance of world peace.

Viewpoint from the Museum. 

Memorial Walking Trail – The walking trail follows the alignment of the original Burma–Thailand railway from Hellfire Pass through to the Hintok Cutting. 

During the Second World War, thousands of forced local laborers and Allied Prisoners of War suffered and died constructing and maintaining the Burma–Thailand railway.

In their memory.

HELLFIRE PASS TREKKING TRAIL – This is a part of the Death Railway constructed during the Second World War using POW labor to cut through the mountain. Along a 4-kilometer walking trail made by the Allied prisoners, today visitors can envision the difficulties faced in constructing the Death Railway using simple tools. Take a closer look at this historical Hellfire Pass, walk along remaining railroad tracks and even walk into the cutting!

From the Hellfire Pass take a short trekking thru the Jungle  to Hintok River Camp.

Located on a gigantic cliff overlooking the River Kwai, Hintok River Camp at Hellfire Pass is set by Kwai Noi river and surrounded by the local village and temples near Hellfire Pass.

It is the great holiday destination in the abundant green nature of Kanchanaburi near Saiyok National Park with the hidden historical stories of WW 2. There is also a museum right at the campsite called Hintok Story Museum. The gallery museum of the cave underneath the campground and the story of this campsite back in WW2.

Within the awe-inspiring Hellfire Pass, an ultimate retreat focuses on minimal environmental impact while naturally luxury accommodation in Kanchanaburi is offered. Each canvas tent spreads across the grassy lawn with a private veranda. Comfortable bedding, individually controlled air-con room and private en-suite bathroom with hot running water are fully provided and, in keeping with a great sustainable retreat. No televisions, telephones or other appliances to distract you from enjoying the surrounding and there are a great range of fun activities including mountain biking (free of use), BBQ campfire dinner, natural spring pool, river kayaking, Hellfire Pass trekking/hiking, elephant riding, bamboo rafting or even exploring a stalagmite and stalactite formation in Lawa cave.

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Hintok River Camp at Hellfire Pass offers you a full safari camping experience.

Check-in and grab a bike and ride to your tented room is so delightful. Bring it anywhere you like around the resort of visiting the village during the day.

RIVERSIDE NATURAL SPRING POOL –  Right next to the river, swimming in a man-made rock pool

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Just 3 hours from Bangkok to the Hellfire Pass in Kanchanaburi province, Saiyok district, nearby is Hintok River Camp which is situated on the left side when driving along Highway 323.

The beauty of Kanchanaburi speaks for itself. A little treasure cove of scenic splendors in Thailand remains shrouded in the mist to be explored. Nearby Attractions of tourist importance are plenty and some may be visited conveniently.


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