“Lalu”, a natural phenomenon in Ta Phraya National Park.

“Lalu” one of the tourist attraction in the special program call “Isaan Sanook

“Lalu”, a natural phenomenon in Ta Phraya National Park. The word Lalu is derived from Khmer language influence is found all over the place. “Lalu” here refer to a subsided land which is a result of a natural phenomenon caused by the erosion of rainwater and the subsidence or collapse of soil. Since the hard soil is durable and does not erode. When it is being eroded by the wind, it makes several shapes like the city wall or a cliff. Some of them look like sticks, just like a natural source around Phae Mueang Phi, Phrae province, but smaller. Lalu has an area of more than 2,000 rai and is one of the Unseen Thailand that should be visited.

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