Plan Vacation Asia

Since the company was founded in the year 2005 in the name of “Taipan Reise Center(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.”, we were always anxious to arrange individual, tailor-made programmes, so that the guest will experience Asia from its most beautiful side.

The majority owner and company founder, we started in the travel industry as a tour guide, mainly with European market already in the 90th. Out of this we could gain endless experience in the needs and preferences from the guests of several nationalities. Exactly this experience was the perfect foundation stone for the new agency. In spring 2005 the first roundtrip routes where created, tour guides hired, cars bought and contracts with the necessary hotels signed. In autumn of this year the agency was full in operation and until now the portfolio will constantly be upgraded.

Since about few years the brand name “Plan Vacation Asia” coming in the World Wild travel market, and furthermore the first tours outside Thailand and combinations had started. We are traveling nearly trough out the year around Thailand and the neighbor countries to check new programs for combination, visit hotels and find out the best route for the valued customers. Our target is not to be the cheapest agency and even from the mass-tourism we try to keep distance. Small groups or private round trips, good vehicles, licensed tour guide, good hotels and high information content should be the decision criterion for a tour with “Plan Vacation Asia Co.,Ltd“.