Thailand is still the popular destination of French people


Thailand is still the popular destination of French people

Thailand is still the popular destination of French people, an important trading online traveling website in French market, reported that the number of French tourists selecting Thailand packages

The packages also have been offered from airlines with pleasing prices. In 2015, there were 681,097 French people visiting Thailand or increasing 7.25% comparing to the previous year. In January 2016, there were 6.25% of travellers increasing from the past year or 83,295 people.

Additionally, SETO informed the number of French tourists in 2014/2015 decreased 1.6% while the income reduced 10.4%, comparing to the previous year; however, the touring agencies such as FTI Voyages, Climats du Monde, Asia and Visiteurs revealed that Thailand is the top destination where French popularly love to visit. Partly, it is one of the most worth to travel in South East Asia thought there were some recent news about attack and rape of French tourists in Kood Island in the end of February 2019 which has not affected at all, according to Akiou Company., one of most popular hotel reservation website of French people in 2015 for business and travel, the first top five destinations, in regard with Hotel Price Index, include London, New York, Barcelona, Rome and Bruxelles but in the first tenth, Thailand is the only one country has 2 cities ranked in the list which are Bangkok (7th from 12th). and Phuket (9th from 20th). Comparing to the previous year, they climbed to the first top ten.

The main factors which results to popular country among the French are various types of tourist spot in terms of culture, landscape and beautiful nature, many beach resorts and hotels, Thai cuisines, hot climate and satisfied costs, these attracted them to select Thailand. According to the survey, Bangkok is “A Must” country if they come at the first time when the city contains many temples, interesting markets, street food, Michelin restaurants and nightlife. The others ranked top include Samui Island, Krabi (23th and 33th respectively). It is anticipated that Thai tourist spots will remain its popularity in 2016 as well. Furthermore, French people also changed their interest during travelling. In 2015, they loved sport activities but in this year, they prefer relaxations (sunbath 52% and spa 32%) and local sightseeing (local food 55% and cultural sightseeing 45%).

The most recent news in the subject of Thailand in French market comes from SETO informed the travel report of French in 2015 that in June, July and September, the travel rate increased but decreased in May, August and October. The travel decreased from the previous year while Long-haul destinations increased including Thailand (+53%), Japan (+41%), Mauritius Island (+30%), Cape Verde (+15%), Cuba (+9%) and Canada (+8%). News from SNAV revealed the number of ticket reservations increased 1.8%, Metropolitan travel 1.7%, comparing to February 2015. In terms of Middle-haul destinations, it increased 1.5%. Spain remained in the first top while Portugal gained the highest reservations contrasting to Morocco and Tunisia. For Long-haul destinations, the reservations increased 3.6% while Thailand 23% but the Republic of Dominican reduced 27%. On the other hand, the overall travel rate decreased 6.5%, Long haul destinations 6.1%. Thailand ranked in the second of having highest visitors into the country (+2%) while Cuba and India received satisfied numbers as well.

In 2015, there were French people visiting Thailand for 681,097 people or increasing 7.25% and from January to March 2016, the amount is 260,481 people or increasing 9.94%.

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