Dawei …, A Small town with a quiet place as World Heritage. Unfortunately this city was overlooked.

From Bangkok to Phu Nam Ron Border in Kanchanaburi province around 188 KM cross to Htee Khee Myanmar Border. We have to change the Van from Thai Van to Myanmar Van,  174 KM with 6 Hour drive. You will forget the time of drive because of on the way you can see the difference between the Thai and Burmese side. The road is unpaved for the first half and bumpy. We passed border checks, banana plantations, overgrow rice paddies, rubber trees, huts selling gas in liter bottles on wooden racks.


Lunch on the way at local restaurant with local food .


Drive along Irrawaddy River.


Zayar Htet San Hotel, one of the standard hotel in Dawei.


Next is the Bamboo Garden Restaurant, the famous restaurant for the most of tourist and local people.


To be continue……. Dawei Trip


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