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Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018

Proud to be one of the team to promote the foremost international exhibition of contemporary art in Thailand.

Good news in Krabi,………the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC), invited more than 50 artists from all over the world to transform ‘Krabi’ into an ‘International art city’ with the concept “Edge of the wonderland” during the event ‘Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018’

The first ever international contemporary art exhibition in Thailand, “Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018” is definitely the event to keep an eye on this year. During the event, the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC), Ministry of Culture has chosen Krabi province as the first destination to display art pieces of more than 50 artists from all over the world from 2 November 2018 to 28 February 2019.

Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018 is an exhibition that integrates art with nature. The exhibition will be held outdoors on several beautiful natural locations in Krabi. This is the reason why ‘Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018’ differs from any other previous contemporary art exhibitions in Thailand. The purpose of this project is to show that Krabi has got not only beautiful renowned beaches but also other gorgeous natural sites such as waterfall and caves. Moreover, Krabi city itself has got a reputation as an art city. Therefore, Ministry of Culture takes this opportunity to develop Krabi into an ‘International art city’ in order to attract more tourists to stimulate the local economy by organizing this contemporary art project and to promote local specialty in the globalized world.

During the opening remarks, H. E Mr. Vira Rojpojchanarat , Minister of Culture of Thailand said that “Krabi is one of the most popular tourists’ cities in the world with beautiful natural scenery and local historical and archeological cultures. With these unique identities, Krabi was particularly chosen to be the venue for the first international exhibition of contemporary art in Thailand, called “Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018”, which will be held every 2 years from now on in order to support the government’s policy ‘Creative Economy ‘and to add value to the natural and cultural resources for cities in Thailand. Moreover, to promote and attract local people and international tourist to come to the artistic city for the first international contemporary art exhibition, the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC), Ministry of Culture has decided to organize the “Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018” The special thing about the first Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018 is the set up on the outdoor venue in several locations in Krabi provinces, known as ‘Site-specific art’ creating the art from the specific place considering environment areas under theme “EDGE OF THE WONDERLAND”. The Office of Contemporary Art and Culture (OCAC), Ministry of Culture has appointed Prof. Jiang Jiehong to be the head of the curator team working with Dr.Vichaya Mukdamanee and Mr. Vipash Puricha, Thai curators to invite over 50 international famous artists and to cooperate with the world professional specialist such as Mr.Fram Kitagawa, Director of Echigo – Tsumari Art Triennale , Ms.Yuko Hasegawa creative director of Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo , Ms. Mary Jane Jacob, head of curators of Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and Mr. Arin Rungchaeng, Thailand contemporary artist. Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018 is not only a good opportunity for Thai artist to show their abilities in the international exhibition but also an opportunity to improve the organization for the art exhibition in Thailand to become the global standard. Ministry of Culture received cooperation from many parties including government sector, the private sector, NGOs, local stores and Thai citizens. All related parties have taken parts in the activities such as the traditional and contemporary cultural performances, the street art during the exhibition, which will promote Thai local art, cultures, and lifestyles to both local and international tourists.
Above all, this contemporary art exhibition Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018 will be able to attract tourists to Thailand and generate national income. And to combine with the interglacial local tourist cities in Thailand, we would like you to jointly host Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018 together”

Jiang Jiehong, the lead curator of Thailand Biennale also stated that “This is a new experience of consuming art exhibition which this is quite challenging for me because we have to hold an exhibition outdoor which means that there is neither roof nor any construction. There will be only pieces of artwork harmoniously display in an art and nature ways. Our objectives for this exhibition, under the concept ‘EDGE OF THE WONDERLAND’, is to bring out a beauty of local culture to global awareness through art pieces. Importantly, audiences will face a new experience when they interact with some pieces of works, which they can find only in this exhibition. Sean Jindachot, as a young audiences representative, also describes an excitement towards this exhibition that he would like to invite everyone to join this contemporary art exhibition ‘Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018’ which will be held since 2 November 2018 – 28 February 2019 because OCAC and all concerned parties intend to distribute a knowledge of contemporary art and culture, meanwhile, they are also determined to make Krabi known to the global community. The exhibition is to show that Krabi is more than just a tourist city, the city has plenty of interesting local culture, a diversity of race and many amazing hidden natural destinations. In accordance to its charm, Krabi was chosen as the first location of the first Thailand Biennale, which is ‘Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018.

At last, Mr. Vira Rojpojchanarat, Minister of Culture, reiterated in his speech that from now on, it is a time to count down to the first international contemporary art exhibition of Thailand, thus he would like to invite every Thai to be a part of this incredible event and to be a nice host with our Krabi family. Don’t miss! ‘EDGE OF THE WONDERLAND’ at an international contemporary art exhibition ‘Thailand Biennale, Krabi 2018’, this 2 November 2018 – 28 February 2019.

Valentina from Germany start with members in Klong Prasat community. To create an international contemporary sculpture.

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