The happiness of Mae Kampong

Mae Kampong Village

The happiness of visiting Mae Kampong Village is to experience the fresh air, the nature of the forest, streams and a simple lifestyle of the villagers in harmony with nature. You may choose to take a one-day trip or stay overnight at a villager’s home stay available along with sightseeing of the community lifestyle, tea leaf growing, and coffee plantations.

Ban Mae Kampong is unique in its way of life, tradition, culture, that is, the way of life is bound to the forest while the villagers rely on traditions with the local language. The community contains beautiful landscapes and is full of natural charms.

Ban Mae Kampong is a 100-year-old village with most of the villagers migrating from Doi Saket District. Ban Mae Kampong is about 1,300 meters above sea level, and about 50 kilometers away from Chiang Mai. The houses in Ban Mae Kampong are lined up along the valley and two sides of the creek and surrounded by mountains, coffee and tea plantations, and abundant waterfalls and forests (Doi Mon Lan), as well as beautiful natural resources with cool weather throughout the year. There are 132 households with a total population of 362 people. The main occupations of the locals are tea cultivation, coffee cultivation, trading, and employment. Most of the natives are Buddhist with the relative and dependent relationship, faith in the rituals of the community, respect for the community rules, as well as participation in community development. Ban Mae Kampongs comprised of an abundance of ecosystems, the biodiversity of natural vegetation, clean air, and water resources.

There are also yellow-red flowers growing near the creek, which the villagers call Kampong Flower along with a river flowing through the village. This is the origin of the name ”Mae Kampong”.

Temple and Museum at Mae Kampong

Street food at Mae Kampong is a must

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